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Day One - Wednesday, 22 May 2024


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Opening Karakia


Chairperson’s Opening Address

Jodi Russell.jpg

Jodi Russell, ICT Head of Operations and Infrastructure, Fire and Emergency NZ 



Virtual International Keynote: Building a Data-Driven Government: Lessons Learned from Estonia’s Journey  

In this presentation, attendees will gain a strategic overview of Estonia’s government digital and data transformation journey, presented by the country’s Chief Data Officer, Ott Velsberg. Estonia has emerged as a leader in e-government and has undergone a significant digital transformation journey. The country has leveraged AI to achieve its goals, with more than 120 AI use cases already implemented in government and an ambitious goal of building an AI based government by 2030. Through utilising data the country aims to make public services easier to use and more accessible while creating a seamless and proactive citizen-centric government. During the presentation, Velsberg will share the successes and challenges of Estonia’s digital and data transformation journey, drawing on his experience as the Chief Data Officer. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the lessons learned throughout this journey and receive practical advice on how to embark on their own digital and data transformation journeys. Highlights of Estonia’s data initiatives, including the citizen virtual assistant Bürokratt, open data, data governance, data stewardship, citizen-centric data governance, data tracker will also be presented 

Ott Velsberg.jpg

Ott Velsberg, Government Chief Data Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia 


Partner Presentation


Keynote Panel: Building a Mature, Innovative, and Data-Driven Digital Culture 

  • Strategies for driving innovation in highly restrictive and regulatory environments 

  • What role can AI, automation, and technology play in dismantling siloed operating models to streamline processes, improve data quality and ensure compliance?  

  • Ethical considerations in your digital transformation initiatives: data governance and Māori culture 

  • Breaking down silos and building maturity: Success stories of cross-department collaboration on projects 

Julie Watson_edited.jpg
Ange Nash pic_edited.jpg
Brian Ferris.jpg
Wendy Hamilton.jpg

Moderator: Julie Watson, Chief Information Officer, WorkSafe New Zealand 

Jan Sheppard, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, ESR – Science for Communities 

Brian Ferris, Chief Data, Analytics & Technology Officer, Loyalty NZ 

Wendy Hamilton, General Manager Data System Capability, Data System Leadership, Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa


Networking Bingo


Morning Tea 



Case Study: The Future of Forms: Creating a Common Platform for Government Services where Users Come First 

A team within MBIE has developed a tool for rapidly creating government forms online that are easier to complete, meet the most important requirements and, through a centrally funded model, can be delivered at no cost to the agency. 

FormBuilder.govt Product Manager Shelley Campbell will talk about the potential for every government form to be accessible, easy to use and quick to process. 

Shelley Campbell.png

Shelley Campbell, Product Manager, Business Connect, Hīkina Whakatutuki Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


Partner Presentation: The Impact of AI on New Zealand Government Clouds and Data Centres 

Andrew Kirker.jpg

Andrew Kirker, Managing Director NZ & Hyperscale ANZ, CDC Data Centres NZ 


Panel Discussion: Pivoting Focus to Deliver Citizen-Centric Digital Services

  • Strategies to establish meaningful relations and collaborations with citizens to enhance engagement and inclusivity 

  • Adopting a holistic approach to citizen services: How can practitioners better understand and address citizen needs? 

  • How to collect and effectively use datasets in your service delivery strategy 

  • The role of AI, machine learning and real-time data in enhancing productivity, communication, and trust with citizens 

Richard Jarrett_edited.jpg

(Moderator) Richard Jarrett, Director – Group Services, Auckland Council   

Rachael Milicich.jfif

Rachael Milicich, Deputy Government Statistician | Deputy Chief Executive – Insights and Statistics, Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa

Daniela Fernandez.jpg

Dana Burnett, Director of Product and Delivery, University of Canterbury

Kevin Glynn.jpg

Kevin Glynn, GM Customer and Digital Experience, Auckland Transport 

Bryan Ng.jpg

Bryan Ng, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Te Taurapa Tūhono New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) 


Networking Lunch





Partner Presentation


Introduction to Breakout Sessions 


Breakout Sessions

Delegates will be able to participate in two sessions of their choosing. Each session will run for 30 minutes. 

Breakout A: How AI Solutions will optimise your cloud and data centre strategies. 

AI is rapidly changing the way we store, process and analyse data. It is also creating new opportunities and challenges for government agencies, especially in terms of security, privacy, ethics and governance.  

Richard Prowse, Cloud & Data Centre Specialist, CDC Data Centres NZ 

Breakout B: TBC 

Representative, Sailpoint 

Breakout C: Cloud & Infrastructure Services 

Breakout D: Robotic Process Automation Solutions 

Breakout E: Workflow Automation 

Breakout F: Composable Service Architecture 


Afternoon Tea 



Panel Discussion: Next Steps to Achieving an Equitable Digital Future 

  • Strategies for improving service delivery to be accessible for all, including regional districts 

  • Navigating the challenges of digital inclusion during a cost of living crisis  

  • Fostering cross-sector partnerships and collaboration to build a community voice  

Leigh Donoghue - temp.jpeg

Leigh Donoghue, Chief of Data & Digital, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand  

Marion Dowd.jpg

Marion Dowd, Chief Information Officer, Western Bay of Plenty District Council; Executive Board Member, ALGIM 

Sharon Dilks.jpg

Sharon Dilks, Director Te Au Reka Digital and Information, Ministry of Justice - New Zealand | Tāhū o te Ture 

Tamati Shepherd-Wipiiti - temp.jpg

Tāmati Shepherd-Wipiiti, Deputy Chief Executive, Transformation, Ministry of Social Development


Chairperson’s Closing Address 


End of Summit Day One and Networking Drinks 

Day 2

Day Two - Thursday, 23 May 2024

Day Two is plenary with the CyberGov Leaders Summit NZ 


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Chairperson’s Opening Address

Tamara Al-Salim_edited.jpg

Tamara Al Salim, Head of Business, Risk and Assurance, New Zealand Defence Force; Ambassador, New Zealand Network for Women in Security



Chan Cheow Hoe_edited.jpg

International Keynote

Cheow Hoe Chan, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer, Smart Nation and Digital Government Office; Senior Advisor, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) 


Partner Presentation 


Keynote Panel: Strengthening Cybersecurity and Digital Infrastructures for the Future of Work 

  • Addressing privacy challenges in GovTech: Data governance and supply chain resilience 

  • Transitioning to cloud and hybrid infrastructures: Departing from legacy systems and elevating visibility on the cloud  

  • Building an adaptable, resilient, and scalable digital infrastructure 

  • How to best prepare for the future of work within budget constraints? 

Jo Batchelor.jpg

(Moderator) Jo Batchelor, Head of Product Engineering, University of Auckland 

Carl Nixon_edited.jpg

Carl Nixon, Chief Information Officer, New Zealand Defence Force


Jonathan Wilkins, Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry for Primary Industries   


Jolene Armadoros, Head of Information Security, Public Trust


Morning Tea  



Virtual International Case Study: Future Proofing Citizen’s Identity & Access Management

  • The significance of implementing secure digital identity services to increase citizen engagement and trust 

  • Strategies for addressing ethical considerations in digital identity solutions  

  • The value of interoperability in the delivery of user-centric services

San Chander NEW.jpg

San Chander, Director, Digital Identity, digital.nsw 


Keynote: The Future of Data Governance and Privacy: Navigating Regulations and Trustworthy Data Practice for Business Success

  • The significance of implementing secure digital identity services to increase citizen engagement and trust 

  • Strategies for addressing ethical considerations in digital identity solutions  

  • The value of interoperability in the delivery of user-centric services


Partner Presentation 


Case Study: Enhancing Public Service Delivery through Community Data Collaboration

  • Understanding the value of transparency in data to build citizen trust  

  • Community Voice: What role can community partnerships play in capturing meaningful, quality data? 

  • Utilising community generated data sources, to optimise decision making and enhance public service delivery

Malcolm Mersham.jpg

Malcom Mersham, Data and Information Lead, Trust Tairāwhiti 


Networking Lunch


Prize Draw



Lightning Talk: Exploring How to Facilitate Cross-Department Sharing in Cybersecurity, Data, and Digital Transformation  

Steve James.jpg

Steve James, General Manager of Technology, Woolworths NZ  


Challenge Room

In this interactive session, delegates will choose one group to participate in, focusing on key challenges in the IT public sector such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, and data. Discussions will follow Chatham House rules, enabling delegates to gain insights from other industry experts. 

Steve James.jpg
Chhandak Bandopadhyaya TEMP_edited.jpg
Laura Jones TEMP.jpg
Paul Stone.jpg
Atilio Ranzuglia.png

Group A: How can we innovate and accelerate projects for the benefit of multiple departments?  

Steve James, General Manager of Technology, Woolworths NZ  


Group B: Breaking through compliance complexity and improving your organisation’s security posture 

Chhandak Bandopadhyaya, Principal Advisor – Digital Assurance and Compliance, Ministry of Education  


Group C: Managing budget cuts and a lack of investment in cyber-security  

Laura Jones, Head of Cybersecurity, Transdev Australasia  


Group D: Next Steps to Achieving Data Collaboration and Interoperability  

Paul Stone, Principal Advisor Information and Data Governance, Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities 


Group E: Integrating new data analytics and AI technologies with existing legacy systems 

Atilio Ranzuglia, Head of Data and AI, Palmerston North City Council 



Keynote Panel: Transforming IT Culture: Strategies for Building a Strong and Diverse IT Workforce to Overcome Industry Challenges

  • Reimagining public perceptions to spark greater interest in the IT sector and increase the profile of cyber careers  

  • Building a diverse talent pipeline and developing baseline skills through graduate programs, internships and industry partnerships  

  • Developing a training pathway for rangatahi Maori in the technology industry  

  • Transforming from within: How can leaders effectively support their teams while managing organizational turmoil and resistance? 

Katie Brown - temp.jfif

(Moderator) Katie Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Te Ao Matihiko; Founder and Director, Te Hapori Matihiko  

Nancy Ford - temp.jfif

Nancy Ford, Programme Lead – GovTech Talent (Digital Graduate Programme for Public Sector), Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs  

Nancy Taneja - temp.jpg

Nancy Taneja, Group Manager - Security Capability and Partnerships, Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora 

Kari Jones (1).jpg

Kari Jones, Chief Data Officer, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand; Expert Member, International Institute for Analytics


Chairperson’s Closing Address


Closing Karakia, Networking Drinks and Refreshments & End of Summit

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